who we are

Versitec Marine Industrial

Versitec Marine, is a leading equipment manufacturer and service supplier since 2002. We have a Worldwide Sales & Service Network that has enabled us to provide products and services to clients thus ensuring a good working relationship with all of them as we are committed to leading the way in the Stern Tube Seal market. As per our “Mission Statement” we will ensure you receive: Fast Delivery, Competitive Pricing, and Industry Leading Quality.

Our primary product: Vanguard Seals provides Stern Tube Seal solutions for both Oil & Water lubricated propeller shafts. Our Canadian Manufactured product lineup includes:

1. VANGUARD SPARES: spare parts kits to overhaul ALL Major OEM’s Seal Assemblies.
2. VANGUARD-W: Water Lubricated Seal Assemblies
3. VANGUARD: Oil Lubricated Seal Assemblies
4. VANGUARD-T: Thruster Seal Assemblies

All our Stern Tube Seal rings are manufactured with our specially formulated Versiton FKM material to ensure compatibility with ALL lubricants including Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants. In addition, all Service Team members are factory trained to provide installations and servicing of Stern Tube Systems for New builds, Retrofits, and Upgrades.

Further to Stern Tube Seals, we also offer: Versiglyde Composites (propeller shaft bearings, composite pads & bushings), Teekay Couplings, Heat Exchanger, Separator Spares, and Biodegradable Cleaners